Custom Building Services

Unparalleled quality for custom residential properties

Our clients’ control over the design and selection process is a true distinction between McLaughlin Builders and many other builders. Our idea of a “Custom” home is just that.  From finding the right piece of property to designing the ideal layout and exterior elevations, we entrust our clients with the tools and expertise needed to handle almost any home inspiration.

McLaughlin Builders does not inhibit our clients’ availability of choice nor limit them to a solitary “warehouse” to make selections. Throughout the process, from a blank page to being handed the keys, our clients are in control of their home building process with expert guidance along the way.

The Value of Truly Custom

Personal Service

Joe & Kevin McLaughlin offer unparalleled personal service. From local resources in real estate, architecture, and interior design to hands-on job site management, you have the vast knowledge and experience of McLaughlin Builders with you from concept to keys.

Privacy & Discretion

McLaughlin Builder Custom Homes are built specially for each client. With no model to experience, we are happy to arrange a private tour for an in-depth experience in one of our custom homes. 

Direct communication

Joe and Kevin are hands-on with all McLaughlin Builders projects. They are readily available to communicate directly with their clients and are routinely on-site for real-time decision-making and guidance.

your perfect site

Whether you already have a site chosen, or need assistance in locating that perfect space, McLaughlin Builders can create your dream home on almost any lot.

Architectural Design

McLaughlin Builders works with your architect to create something special, reflecting your personal style and unique needs.

Unlimited Selection

In a truly custom luxury home, the options are limitless. McLaughlin Builders brings your ideas to life with quality materials and innovative solutions.

superior craftsmanship & details

The exquisite craftsmanship in your barrel vaults, trey ceilings, stone appointments, built-ins, and other luxury features are what make your McLaughlin Builders home custom for to your tastes.

Community Connections

With over 40 years of home-building experience, McLaughlin Builders is well-versed in local building ordinances to keep your custom home project running smoothly.

From Our Clients

“After careful consideration, we selected McLaughlin Builders to build our dream outdoor room, consisting of a huge stone fireplace, flagstone patio, and a pergola. A sidewalk and steps were also constructed. Having only an idea of what we wanted after reading numerous home magazines, Mr. McLaughlin and his staff worked with us to design one of the best outdoor spaces imaginable.

Every single one of his staff did everything possible to make sure the job was done to perfection the very first time. Mr. McLaughlin met with us every single day to explain what was being done, and to see if we were satisfied with the work being performed. His crew are top-notch professionals.

They are all extremely organized, know what they are doing, and do it to perfection. No corners are cut, no substandard materials are used, and everyone shows up for a full eight-hour workday.

The staff all really want to do the best possible job, no matter what it takes! It was so refreshing to work with such professional craftsmen. We would not hesitate in the least to recommend McLaughlin Builders.”

Joe and Mary Chapin

True Custom Luxury Craftsmanship